High Bay Lights

LED High Bay Applications

All Corporate Lights High-Bays can be used to replace existing light fittings or specified as your preferred lighting choice in new buildings. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Farm Equipment Sheds & Barns
  • Workshops & Factories
  • Large-format Retail Shops & Showrooms
  • Council Depots
  • Truck Storage, Bus Depot, Tram & Train Sheds, Aircraft Hangars, etc
  • Warehouses & Distribution Centres
  • Indoor Sports Complexes & Halls
  • Other high ceiling height applications

Comparison to 400W Metal Halide High Bay

The following table shows exactly how Corporate Lights LED High Bays achieves the same light output as a conventional high bay light, while using 75% less energy

Comparison Conventional High Bay 400W Modular TF3A LED High Bay 100W
Lamp Wattage 400W 100W
System Consumption 440W 100W
Initial Lumen Output 32,500 lm 14,000 lm
Lumen Maintenance (at 10,000 hours)* 70% 95%
Light Output Ratio (LOR)** 60% 100%
Actual Usable Light Output 32,500 lm x 70% x 60% = 13,650 lumens 14,000 lm x 95% x 100% = 13,300 lumens

* Lumen Maintenance compares the amount of light produced by a light fitting when it is brand new to the amount of light produced at a specific time in the future. Unlike LED, traditional high bay lights have particularly poor lumen maintenance (and it gets much worse as time goes on).

** Light Output Ratio is a figure that indicates how much light gets lost inside the light fitting and surrounds. As LED's are highly directional they do not suffer from a poor light output ratio like older lighting technology.

Standard High-Bay Upgrade and Custom Design Options

Standard LED Upgrade Option

Many high-bay upgrades are as simple as replacing existing sodium, mercury vapour or metal-halide high-bay lights with more efficient LED high-bays. The most common upgrades are to replace 400W sodium/mercury vapour high-bays with 100W-110W LED high-bays and 400W metal-halide with 200W LED high-bays. These upgrades offer up to 75% savings in energy usage and generous Government rebates in the states that have these programs.

Corporate Lights has a full range of highly efficient LED high-bay lights.

Selecting the right high-bay light for your upgrade can be difficult. Aside from the wattage needed, the output lumens and efficiency factors, beam angle variations can be confusing.

Our general guide to selecting the right beam angle takes the worry out of your selection.

The common beam angles used for high-bay lighting are, 60°90°120°. Here is a simple and general guide considering Illuminance & Distance:

  • 60 degree beam angles are best used when the distance between the light and the floor is 8-12m. The narrow beam angle creates a more focussed beam enabling a high lux level on the floor or the platform.
  • 90degree beam angles are best used when the distance between the light and the floor is 6-8m.
  • 120 degree beam angles are best used when the distance between the light and the floor is 4-6m. The wider beam angle ensures large open areas with lower roof heights receive an excellent spread of light.

Custom Design LED Upgrade Option

Many of our Industrial, warehouse and large volume location customers have specific lighting needs that a standard upgrade will not fulfill. In this case Corporate Lights provides a custom design lighting service utilising our Modular High-Bay range. This range utilises a design where multiple precision optic LED modules are inserted into the high-bay housing enabling specific lighting beams to be attained. These can be extremely narrow beams for aisle lighting in high-shelved warehouses to very broad beams for complete open warehouse coverage and everything in between. The Corporate Lights Modular High-Bay range is designed for you and includes us providing you with Dialux files prepared by our lighting designers.