Save a fortune and improve productivity with our LED office lighting solutions.

Office work days are long, and the efficiency of your employees can be affected by uneven, inadequate and flickering lighting. Replacing your old fluorescent lights with the latest technology LED panels will significantly reduce your energy usage and your power bill (by up to 80%), and it will create a much better working environment for your employees.


Better lighting means a more productive workplace. Reliable, natural-looking light is a great first step. Corporate lights will design a solution for you based on these important points ...

  • How long are your office hours?
  • How large is your office space?
  • Does your current lighting promote productivity, comfort and safety?
  • Are there energy savings and standards you need to meet?
  • What does your workplace do and and how does light contribute to that?
  • How often are you changing fluorescent tubes and starters?
  • How much do you pay per Kw for electricity?

The following table shows exactly how Corporate Lights LED Panel Lights achieves better light output while using 64% less energy.

Lamp Wattage 72W 32W
System Consumption 88W 32W
Initial Lumen Output 6440lm > 2880lm
Lumen Maintenance (at 10,000 hours)* 50% 95%
Light Output Ratio (LOR)** 75% 100%
Actual Usable Light Output 6440 lm x 50% x 60% = 1932 lumens 2880 lm x 95% x 100% = 2736 lumens

* Lumen Maintenance compares the amount of light produced by a light fitting when it is brand new to the amount of light produced at a specific time in the future. Unlike LED, traditional fluorescent lights have particularly poor lumen maintenance (and it gets much worse as time goes on).

** Light Output Ratio is a figure that indicates how much light gets lost inside the light fitting and surrounds. As LED's are highly directional they do not suffer from a poor light output ratio like older lighting technology.

Corporate Lights Options:


Corporate Lights can provide value-based information to help you make the right decisions. These considerations are important when deciding to upgrade to LED lighting:

  • Studies show that well-lit office environments are a contributing factor to increased productivity (up to 16%), greater job satisfaction (up to 24%) and fewer absentee days.
  • Corporate Lights provides a product range including LED panels, tube lighting, downlights and more, to match your specific office requirements.
  • Most Corporate Lights products allow for dimming to provide a more customised lighting environment as needed.

LED Lighting Solutions for Your Office

The Corporate Lights office product range is designed to easily integrate into your office. Working with our team and our products, you can enhance productivity and employee satisfaction while also lowering overall operating costs.

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