Street & Public Lighting Solutions

According to there are approximately 2.28 million street lighting lamps in service in Australia. The annual cost of public lighting exceeds $125 million. Street lighting is local government’s #1 carbon emission source accounting for 30%-60% of their total emissions.

Smart street lighting significantly reduces energy usage, maintenance costs and public safety. All Corporate Lights LED street lights meet Australian standards for energy consumption and robustness for outdoor use. They can be fitted with remote activation devices to allow dimming and other required controls.

Corporate Lights also has a complete range of solar powered street lights and solar powered smart outdoor lights. Contact us for a full overview.

In a public environment, reliable, bright, non-glare lighting creates a safer feeling for all of us. Whether it be well-lit roads, parklands, footpaths or any outdoor areas Corporate Lights range of outdoor and street lighting delivers to both the public and the local government owner. Many local councils are facing continued steep increases in energy costs for street and outdoor lighting which is limiting their use of ratepayers money. When deciding on your street and outdoor lighting design, some things to consider include:

  • Significant savings for ratepayers – LED street and outdoor lighting can deliver energy cost savings up to 80% plus saving in maintenance and parts replacement
  • Reduction in carbon emissions – as well as an up to 80% saving in $$ terms, carbon emissions will be similarly reduced
  • Emphasise safety – customer safety can be heightened through lighting that is brighter, more evenly directed and smart controlled
  • Count the hours – the longer your lights are on, the more attractive your LED payback periods will be.

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