Top 10 reasons to buy from Corporate Lights?

Light plays a major factor in our health, our emotional state and even how productive we are at work. If your business is still using old or outdated lighting in your offices, buildings or workspaces, you could be creating a dull, low-productive atmosphere that’s driving up your energy and work costs.

That’s why Corporate Lights creates superior lighting products that help you maximize the full potential of your employees, energy savings and customer convenience. Here are ten reasons why you should choose Corporate Lights to help support your business.


Maximum Energy Efficiency

Replacing fluorescent or incandescent lighting with new and improved LED lighting can save you up to 80% of your current lighting energy costs each year. That means the savings you’ll make by installing new lights will pay for the lights themselves.


Tax Deductible

The Government also appreciates that you’re trying to be eco-friendly by choosing ‘green’ solutions for your business. In many cases, the investment you make in energy-efficient LED lights is fully tax deductible, which saves your business even more money.


High-Quality Affordability

All Corporate Lights products are sourced from leading OEM manufacturers without wholesalers clogging up the supply chain. This ensures higher quality, more affordable products with superior reliability and efficiency.


Environmentally Sound

We can help you save on energy costs, but we can also help reduce your carbon footprint. We partner with CMA Ecocycle, Australia’s largest full service lamp recycler, to recycle mercury as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Government Incentives

Upgrading to LED lighting is substantially cheaper for business premises located in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Corporate Lights will manage the rebate process for you so you can gain even more savings in the process.


Premium LED Lighting

Corporate Lights’ LED products are superior to standard LED lighting. By choosing highly-efficient LED chips, we offer better, more even light distribution and guaranteed longer lifespans


Highest Efficiency Drivers

At the heart of each LED lighting product is the power transformer, or driver. Like LEDs, not all drivers are created equal, which is why we choose the most efficient flicker-free, dimmable and non-dimmable drivers to ensure maximum energy savings.


Australian and International Compliance

Corporate Lights’ products are manufactured to meet all required Australian standards, which isn’t a claim that many LED manufacturers and suppliers can make. We’ll never place your business investment at risk!


Five Year Replacement Warranty

All Corporate Lights’ products are backed by a 5 Year replacement warranty. In the unlikely event of a product failure, our licensed electrician will replace the faulty light free of charge. It’s just one of many great Corporate Lights benefits!


Experience and Industry Leadership

Together with our partnership network, we bring more than 10 years' experience in upgrading commercial lighting across more than 5000 sites, Australia-wide. Our experience removes risk for our customers, ensuring they get the job done right, with the latest technology, delivering the best outcomes and savings.