Why Choose Corporate Lights

Experience and Industry Leadership

Together with our partnership network we bring more than 10 years experience in upgrading commercial lighting across more than 5000 sites, Australia-wide. Our experience removes risk for our customers ensuring they get the job done right, with the latest technology, delivering the best outcomes and savings.

Lighting can account for up to 40% of energy costs in office, commercial buildings and up to 7% of industrial energy use. Corporate Lights LEDs reduce your lighting costs by up to 80%, which can significantly impact your energy bill.

Corporate Lights LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours which means you will rarely, if ever, have to regularly replace or service your lights. Plus, all our lights come with a 5 year warranty, Australia-wide.

Small businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million may be able to claim an immediate tax deduction for LED Lighting upgrades costing less than $20,000 ex GST and acquired by 20 June 2017. Please speak with your accountant to confirm your eligibility.

Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia have government incentives that can reduce your out of pocket expense and, in some cases, these incentives can cover up to 50% of the LED upgrade costs.

Corporate Lights LEDs are a lot cooler than traditional lights, which is particularly important for businesses looking to reduce cooling and refrigeration expenses.

Corporate Lights LEDs produce a brighter, cooler and more natural light, and they don’t flicker.

  • Enhanced product displays - Corporate Lights LEDs bring out the natural colours of products, making them more visually appealing to customers.
  • Improved employee productivity – our customers report that their employees are happier with the enhanced visibility of LED lighting, resulting in improved productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction – our customers have reported that their customers have commented on the excellent light produced by our LEDs, which enhances their shopping experience

Corporate Lights LEDs have a lower impact on landfills, generate less carbon for the environment, and don’t contain harmful chemicals like mercury so you know you’re doing your part for the environment.

Why Choose Corporate Lights for your Commercial Lighting

Corporate Lights sources the latest LED lighting technology from suppliers all over the globe. We have exclusive partnerships with some suppliers who manufacture specifically for Corporate Lights in partnership. Our lighting design teams adapt International designs to meet required Australian standards and conditions.

Upgrading your lights to Corporate Lights LEDs is simple and fast. You deal with one person from start to finish. We conduct a free on-site inspection with every job carried out by a Corporate Lights trained and fully certified electricians. You’re in safe hands.

Backed by an Australia-wide 5 year warranty, all Corporate Lights products are sourced from the best suppliers from around the world including our own manufacturing facility at DM Lighting

All Corporate Lights products are tested to meet or exceed all the required Australian standards and are ASA certified. Click here to find out more

Our installers make it easy for you to upgrade by planning your installation with you to work around your busy schedule

Corporate Lights is the latest lighting company in Australia that provides on-bill funding. Corporate Lights has partnered with various energy providers to allow you to pay for the upgrade as a line item on your energy bill. In other words, this allows you pay for the upgrade with the savings generated with your new LEDs!

Similar to On-Bill Funding, your Corporate Lights LED upgrades can be financed as business equipment and in most cases you’ll pay less per month than your current electricity bill

Corporate Lights employs fully trained and certified electricians to ensure a safe and quality controlled installation every time.

All Corporate LIghts LEDs come with a 5 year warranty and friendly customer service.

Introduction to LED Technology

In recent years the price performance of LED lights has reduced significantly. So much so that in many situations customers can pay for their new LED lights from the energy savings that the lights generate with no up-front costs. This scenario rarely happens in the commercial world where you can buy new technology that pays for itself and after the payback period the savings go directly to your bottom line.